Sunday, August 27, 2023

Rocky Mountain High


View from Lily Lake

My family recently visited Colorado for our family vacation. It had been several years since I had visited the Rocky Mountains, and I was excited to see them again. Of course, the mountains themselves are quite spectacular, but all the mountain lakes, streams, canyons, waterfalls, and other scenery are cool as well. However, the living aspects—plants and wildlife—are their own draw. We were fortunate to see several wildlife species, and the increased rainfall this summer made wildflowers abundant and gorgeous. I snapped multiple shots of them throughout our time in Colorado and on the way home in Nebraska. 
Bear Lake

We spent two days exploring Rocky Mountain National Park and could have easily spent more time there. We enjoyed hikes around Lily Lake and Bear Lake, plus other areas on the first day, then took the Old Fall River Road and Trail Ridge Road the second day with multiple stops along both routes. Since this is such a popular park, planning ahead to make sure you have reservations and timed entries when needed is essential. Driving through Big Thompson Canyon was another treat. I’m in awe of the beautiful rock formations along this route.


Beaver Meadows
We decided to visit Eldorado Canyon State Park the next day. To quote my daughter’s friend who was travelling with us for two days, “you don’t have to work for this scenery.” It was right there in front of us. After a bumpy drive through the tiny town leading up to the park entrance, we were beginning to wonder if the park would be worth the trip. But gorgeous red rock formations greeted us as soon as we entered the park. All we had to do was park and walk along the road to see stunning views of the mountain stream and canyon walls.

 It seems like busy schedules and not enough time and money are always roadblocks to longer and more frequent travels even if we don’t actually run into actual roadblocks while on vacations. But we enjoy travelling when we can and are always looking ahead to the next adventure!

Alpine Wildflowers

Chimney Rock

Eldorado State Park

Eldorado State Park

Scotts Bluff National Monmument 

Scotts Bluff National Monument

Scotts Bluff National Monument

Chimney Rock National Historic Site