Friday, April 12, 2013

Children’s Author Publishes Fourth Book in the Educational Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk Series

Jannifer Powelson has recently published the fourth book in the Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk Series. These books contain colorful photos, realistic illustrations, and entertaining characters that combine to teach children about nature.
In Rachel and Sammy Learn to Conserve, Rachel, Sammy, and their classmates help children discover that everyone wins when they conserve the earth’s natural resources. Readers will learn all about planting trees and native plants, soil, water, and energy conservation, wildlife habitats, recycling, and more! This book joins the other three in the series that were recently republished by the Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, an independent publisher co-founded by Powelson.

Rachel and Sammy Learn to Conserve will make its debut at a book signing on Saturday, April 20th at Amber Jar Antiques Co. in Altona from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Rachel and Sammy books are also available at several local shops and through online retailers, such as

Meet Rachel and Sammy for the first time in Rachel and Sammy Visit the Prairie, the first book in author Jannifer Powelson’s Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk series. This book is an exceptional tool for teaching children to identify 20 common prairie plants. 

Rachel and Sammy Visit the Forest is the second in the series. The beautifully illustrated book will help children learn to identify 15 common spring woodland wildflowers and is a great guide to take along on a nature hike!

Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees is the third book in the series. Rachel and Sammy, along with their classmates, their teacher, Mrs. Doe, and Doc Opossum, take a field trip to the forest, where they discover all kinds of interesting tree facts. This book will help children learn about tree identification, parts of trees, importance of trees, photosynthesis, and much more!

About the Author:
Jannifer Powelson, originally from Altona, currently lives in Princeton, Illinois and has been writing children’s books since 2003. The author conducted research on raccoons to write her master’s thesis and now works as a resource conservationist at the Stark County Soil and Water Conservation District. Her daughters and her love of nature, photography, writing, and education were the inspirations for the Rachel and Sammy books. Ms. Powelson is busy working with her partner at Progressive Rising Phoenix Press to publish a wide variety of children’s books.

For more information, please visit the author’s website at: and the publisher’s website at: 


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  1. Thanks for sharing this on Kid Lit Blog Hop. Looks like a great series of educational content around nature! I haven't read these, but they sound great for a beginning/early reader as well.

  2. I'm so excited for you! You have a great series of books. I hope that your books get lots of exposure through the Kid Lit Blog Hop. :)