Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Life of Queen Wappi

Brenna took this picture of me for her 4-H project. She got a red ribbon on it, but I think I look pretty cute. 

Brenna Powelson

I was born on March 25, 2015, along with my eight other
siblings, but I am everyone's favorite. My mean brother
Wexford put a pawprint on my nose, which I’m told is quite
cute. People adore me, but I don't adore them. See, when I was
just a puppy I was in a home with two other dogs {update: I
was not a puppy. I was eight months old, but I am being told
that’s still considered a puppy} Anyway, my silly owners said I
was getting into fights with the other dogs, so they took me to
a shelter -- ME THE QUEEN, TO A SHELTER! See, the thing
about me is I know I am the best, and so does everyone
soooooooooo  I was shocked when they took me to a shelter
anyway. I was there FUR  almost 16 months. The day before my
birthday I got adopted, and I was happy. I had a home, but then
a month and a half later a new dog came {Jada}. She was a big
fluffball, and her name was Jada, soooooooooooooooooo I had
no choice  but to attack her. I got in trouble, but I don’t know

Okay, so I happen to like the bathroom. 

It has been two years,  and Jada and I have became the best of
friends. Just like Jada, I have a favorite {BRENNA}. Also, I am
still mad at Wexford.

We like to keep the house safe from predators, like little bunnies. 

100% written by Wappi--
not BRENNA at all.

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